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AS001-70NE Neoprene Oring (AS568-001 Size 0.040 CS x 0.029 ID)
Model: AS001-70NE
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AS001-70NE Neoprene Oring (AS568-001 Size 0.040 CS  x 0.029 ID)
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AS001-70NE Neoprene / Chloroprene O-Ring AS568-001

Neoprene also known as choloprene is a widely used elastomer in the o-ring and seal industry due its to overall properties ratings and its relatively low cost. Neoprene exhibits both moderate resistance to petroleum oils as well as weather elements such as, UV and oxygen. This allows neoprene o-rings and seals to preform exceedingly well in applications where many other elastomers would not be satisfactory. Neoprene is a general purpose elastomer which exhibits low compression set, good resilience, and is both flex and cracking resistant. Finally, neoprene has excellent resistances to both ammonia and Freon, making it prime choice of elastomers in the refrigeration and heating and air industries.

The neoprene AS001-70NE o-ring can be reference in one of four ways:

  • Mostly commonly, the industry standard AS568 “dash” number: (AS568-001)
  • Standard dimensions: (CS 0.040" x ID 0.029")
  • Metric dimensions: (CS 1.02 x ID 0.74)
  • Nominal fractional dimensions: (CS 1/32 " x ID 1/32")

The final consideration for an o-ring after size and material type is the durometer. Durometer is an industry standard measurement for a material’s hardness. Most often for rubber seals, durometer is measured and listed in accordance with the “Shore A” scale. Typical durometers for standard rubber seals are 70, 75 and 90, depending on the material. A higher number indicates a harder material. Durometer is also generally stated and accepted with a “+/- 5” tolerance. For neoprene o-rings, the standard nominal durometer is 70.

Primary Uses:

O-Rings, rubber seals and custom molded rubber components for:

  • refrigeration industry applications
  • automotive industry applications
  • general industrial use
  • Model Number: AS001-70NE
  • Manufacturers Part Number: AS001-70NE
  • Industry Standard Reference Number: AS568-001
  • Material Type: Neoprene / Chloroprene / CR
  • Durometer (ShoreA): 70
Temperatures Range (Dry Heat)
Low: High:
-40`F / -40`C 250`F / 121`C
Neoprene O-Ring AS568-001 Application Ratings
Properties Excellent Good Fair Poor
Oils & Grease  
Neoprene has good oil and grease resistance
Tear Strength  
Neoprene o-rings exibit good tear strength ratings
Fuel Resistance      
Neoprene o-rings should not be used with fuels
Refrgerants Ammonia / Freon
Neoprene has excellent resistance to refrigerants like ammonia and freon
Neoprene rubber has a fair compression set
Abrasion Resistance  
neoprene rubber exhibits good abrasion resistance
Neoprene O-Ring AS568-001 Dimensions CS x ID

AS568-001 (Durometer 70) cross reference sizes

  • Nominal Fraction: 1/32 x 1/32
  • Actual Size: 0.040 x 0.029
  • Metric Size Millimeters: 1.02 x 0.74
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