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Nitrile NSF 61 O-Rings, NBR 70 O-Rings, Buna-N 70 Oring

Nitrile O-ring NSF 61 certified for potable drinking water applications.

Product availabilty: products are available by request. Click here to submit an RFQ.

Stock Lead Time Help
Typical lead time for out of stock o-rings is 1-2 weeks from time of order. This can vary based on manufacturing scheduling, material type, or size. If for any reason the lead time would be longer then 1-2 weeks our staff will contact you and ask how you wish to proceed.

2 Week Bellows:
Bellows which show 2 weeks are out of stock but already scheduled to arrive or be in production shortly. These bellows are sold on a first ordered first sent basis, if one of these bellows will work for your application we recommend you place your order now as opposed to checking back later. This is because we can augment our order at the manufacture while in production, quicker then we can schedule an additional production run.

5 or 10 Week Bellows:
Bellows displaying 5 or 10 weeks are bellows that are not in production and not scheduled to be in production. Once an order is received we work directly with our manufacturers to schedule a production run. Based on manufacture specifications this can take 5 or up to 10 weeks depending on the guidelines laid out by our manufactures.

Commitment to Honesty:
We want you to have the most accurate information possible for every product we sell. If for any reason you require expedited or more accurate delivery time information. Please contact us at 937-890-4480.
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