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Neoprene homopolymer of chlorobutadiene is unusual in that it is moderately resistant to both petroleum oils and weather (ozone, UV, oxygen). This qualifies neoprene o-rings uniquely for certain sealing applications where many other materials would not be satisfactory. Neoprene is classified as a general purpose elastomer which has relatively low compression set, good resilience and abrasion, and is flex cracking resistant. The neoprene o-ring is commonly referred to as a Chloroprene o-ring, or CR o-rings. We offer a selection of both the standard AS568 o-ring and the metric o-ring.
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AS568 Standard & Metric O-Rings

Neoprene O-rings (CR, Chloroprene)
> AS568 Neoprene 70
> Metric Neoprene 70

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