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Orings, AS568 and Metric O-Rings

AS568 & Metric O-Rings Organized by elastomer, durometer and material certifications.'s high performance o-rings are available in a variety of materials and offered in both standard as568 and metric sizes. Our engineered o-ring compounds are designed to perform in a wide range of applications with varying chemical exposures, pressures and temperatures. Please select the appropriate o-ring material type below for a list of available AS568 or Metric sizes.
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AS568 Standard & Metric O-Rings

Nitrile O-rings (NBR, Buna-N) EPDM O-rings (EPDM, EP, EPT, EPR) Fluorocarbon O-rings (FKM, Viton, FPM)
> AS568 Nitrile 70 O-Rings
> AS568 Nitrile 70, NSF 61
> AS568 Nitrile 90
> Metric Nitrile 70
> AS568 EPDM 70 O-Rings
> AS568 EPDM 70, NSF 61
> Metric EPDM 70
> AS568 Fluorocarbon 75, Black O-Rings
> AS568 Fluorocaron 75, Brown
> Metric Fluorocarbon 75
Silicone O-rings (VMQ, PVMQ) Neoprene O-rings (CR, Chloroprene) PTFE O-rings (Teflon)
> AS568 Silicone 70 O-Rings
> Metric Silicone 70
> AS568 Neoprene 70 O-Rings
> Metric Neoprene 70
> AS568 PTFE O-Rings
> Metric PTFE
Fluorosilicone O-rings (FVMQ)
> AS568 Fluorosilicone 70 O-Rings
> Metric Fluorosilicone 70

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