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TAS-005 PTFE Oring (AS568-005 Size 0.070 CS x 0.101 ID)
Model: TAS-005
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TAS-005 PTFE Oring (AS568-005 Size 0.070 CS  x 0.101 ID)
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TAS-005 PTFE O-Ring AS568-005

Solid PTFE o-rings are used virtually in every industry as either a primary o-ring or a backup ring. They are excellent seals in applications that are subject to harsh chemical exposure, extreme temperature or pressure, as well as dynamic applications. PTFE o-rings demonstrate excellent abrasion resistance and performance in weathering elements such as ozone, UV, and water. The major limiting factor of PTFE is the inability to compress easily, which similar to its low coefficient of friction, may not be ideal for some o-ring sealing applications. While limiting for some applications, these factors may also perfectly qualify PTFE for use in other applications (such as dynamic sealing applications). PTFE also exhibits good insulation qualities and has seen use in cables and electronic assemblies.

The PTFE TAS-005 o-ring can be referenced in one of four ways:

  • Mostly commonly, the industry standard AS568 “dash” number: (AS568-005)
  • Standard dimensions: (CS 0.070" x ID 0.101")
  • Metric dimensions: (CS 1.78 x ID 2.57)
  • Nominal fractional dimensions: (CS 1/16 " x ID 3/32")

PTFE is a plastic compound as such; it does not have a ShoreA durometer rating. The PTFE compound name is polytetrafluorethylene which is a polymerization of tetrafluorethylene.

Primary Uses:

O-Rings, plastic seals and backup rings for:

  • dynamic applications & applications requiring lubricants
  • harsh chemical exposers
  • electronic, radio, microwave, cable insulation
  • backup ring applications
  • General Industrial Use
  • Model Number: TAS-005
  • Manufacturers Part Number: TAS-005
  • Industry Standard Reference Number: AS568-005
  • Material Type: Virgin PTFE, Teflon®
  • Teflon® is a Registered Trade Mark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or Affiliates
Temperatures Range (Dry Heat)
Low: High:
-250`F / -157`C 450`F / 232`C
PTFE O-Ring AS568-005 Application Ratings
Properties Excellent Good Fair Poor
Weathering / UV / Ozone
PTFE exhibits excellent weathering resistances
Abrasion Resistance  
ptfe exhibits good abrasion resistance
Fuel Resistance
ptfe o-rings are rated excellent against most fuels
Gas Impermeability  
ptfe is rated good for gas impermeability
ptfe has a poor compression set
Chemical Solvents
ptfe is rated excellent vs chemical solvents
PTFE O-Ring AS568-005 Dimensions CS x ID

AS568-005 cross reference sizes

  • Nominal Fraction: 1/16 x 3/32
  • Actual Size: 0.070 x 0.101
  • Metric Size Millimeters: 1.78 x 2.57
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