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PTFE is a plastic polymer made of tetrafluorethylene. This compound is used across many industries due to its wide range of exceptional qualities. PTFE has one the lowest coefficient of friction of any substance either naturally occurring or man made. It is an excellent insulator, seeing use in electronic, radio, and the microwave industries. PTFE is also nearly inert which allows it to be used with a diverse array of fluids, chemicals, acids, fuels, greases and oils. Additionally, virgin PTFE is odor-less and tasteless which makes it a viable choice for applications in the medical, dairy, and the food and beverage industries.

PTFE o-rings are used in virtually every industry either as a primary o-ring or a back up o-ring. PTFE has good abrasion resistance and very low surface friction, this combined with its diverse chemical resistances allow it be used with about any lubricant, making it a very good o-ring for dynamic applications. The major limiting factor of PTFE is its low compression rate, which can require additional pressure or force to adequately seal some applications.
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